Kerakoll Fugalite Bio

Water‑based hypo‑allergenic resin for waterproof, stain‑proof, silk‑effect grouting of porcelain tiles, natural stones and glass mosaic.

Fugalite® Bio is dermatologically‑tested, with the result as hypoallergenic according to a skin tolerance medical experiment conducted at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia dermatological clinic. Available in 12 natural shades inspired by the collections mainly used for making contemporary ceramic coverings. Guarantees the aesthetic and functional continuity of grouted surfaces.

  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Water‑resistant – Drop effect, water‑resistant, non‑absorbent and does not change colour
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Appearance: Part A coloured paste / Part B neutral paste
Specific weight: Part A ≈ 1.53 kg/dm3 / Part B ≈ 1.50 kg/dm3
Viscosity: ≈ 120000 mPa · s, rotor 93 RPM 10 Brookfield method
Mineralogical nature of inert material: silicate – crystalline
Chemical nature: epoxy resin (Part A) / polyamines (Part B)
Grading: ≈ 0 – 250 μm
Shelf life: ≈ 18 months in the original packaging
Warning: Protect from frost, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Pack: Part A: 2 kg bucket / Part B: 1 kg bucket
Mixing ratio: Part A : Part B = 2 : 1
Specific weight of the mixture: ≈ 1.512 kg/dm3
Pot life at +23 °C: ≥ 45 min.
Temperature range for application: from +5 °C to +30 °C
Width of joints: from 0 to 5 mm
Foot traffic: ≈ 24 hrs
Grouting after laying:
– with Fugalite® Bio on coating materials: immediate
– with Fugalite® Bio on floors: as soon as foot traffic is allowed
– with adhesive: see characteristics of adhesive
– mortar: ≈ 7 – 14 days
Interval before normal use: ≈ 3 days (mechanical resistance) / ≈ 7 days (chemical resist.)
– as an adhesive: ≈ 2 – 4 kg/m2
– as a grout: see Coverage table
Values taken at +23 °C, 50% R.H. and no ventilation. Data may vary depending on specific conditions at the building site, i.e.temperature, ventilation and absorbency level of the substrate and of the materials laid.


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